Best practices in compensation and benefits

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Employee Compensation: Best Practices for Nonprofits

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Compensation & Benefits Are Our Business

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Executive Summary

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The Washington Area Compensation and Benefits Association (WACABA) is a professional organization on a mission to enhance the expertise of its members. Best Practices, LLC is a research, consulting and publishing firm that is a world-leader in the field of best practice benchmarking focused on the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, health care technology and other innovative industries.

Competitive compensation is essential to finding — and keeping — qualified employees. Employee Compensation: Best Practices for Nonprofits.

By Doug Toft | Updated It's worth it. The benefits include hiring and retaining people with the talent needed to advance your mission and achieve your vision.

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This annual report on compensation best practices provides a look at how organizations are using employee compensation to drive their business forward.

Best practices in compensation and benefits
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