Diagnostic radiography dissertations

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Diagnostic Radiography BSc (Hons)

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24 Brilliant Ideas For A Radiography Dissertation Although Radiography is an interesting and unique course, it takes a lot of hard work to finally be certified in the profession.

One of the steps towards getting such certification is satisfying all the requirements to have a degree awarded to you. The Diagnostic Imaging MSc is designed to match the professional development needs of the diagnostic imaging practitioner and the changing needs of patients in the modern healthcare system.

Jan 09,  · I'm planing to apply to diagnostic radiography but the thing is I don't really know if I have the qualifications for it. I have sent a mail to St George's but the woman there was not helpful, she just redirected me to their website.

Diagnostic radiographers provide an imaging service for most departments within the hospital including, accident and emergency, outpatients, operating theatres and wards. X-rays are an imaging technique used by diagnostic radiographers to visualise injuries or disease, or monitor changes inside the body.

Diagnostic Imaging offers exciting study opportunities for successful Radiography graduates to pursue research and/or to develop specialist clinical skills. Our objective is to equip graduate radiographers with the capability to meet the challenge of major advances within Diagnostic Imaging.

The research question for this study was does alcohol abuse have an effect on the functioning of a hospital diagnostic imaging department? Based on evidence from research, it was hypothesised that alcohol abuse would have a negative effect on the way in which the department functioned.


Diagnostic radiography dissertations
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Diagnostic Radiography BSc (Hons)