Dissertation nursing degree

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PhD in Nursing Plan of Study

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Home Nursing – Graduate Program Overview PhD in Nursing Degree For Nurses who have a Bachelor’s or Higher Degree The PhD program is designed to prepare visionary scholars with expertise in conducting research to improve the health of culturally diverse populations, especially in Hawaii and the Pacific Basin regions and countries.

Completion of the PhD degree requires a minimum of seven hours of dissertation credit. Elective component The elective component is developed and designed with the student's adviser to meet the student's needs as well as to meet program requirements. Rogers State University is a regional four-year university serving northeastern Oklahoma and the Tulsa metropolitan area.

College of Nursing Dissertations Collection. Follow. Motivations and Barriers for Saudi Nurses to Pursue a Doctoral Degree, Abdualrahman Alshehry, Nursing. PDF. Knowledge Development in Undergraduate Clinical Nursing Education, Nancy.

Nursing Dissertation Topics

The online Nursing PhD at The University of Southern Mississippi is a groundbreaking new program designed to bring nurses into a leadership role.

Every aspect of the online Nursing PhD, from the coursework to the virtual residency and dissertation, is fully online.

Dissertation nursing degree
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