Equine nutrition dissertation

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Management of the Equine Environment. This course leads you through the maze of equine nutrition and gives you the practical knowledge and skills you need to develop and maintain a healthy nutritional program for your horse.

The course covers the basics of nutrition, balancing rations and special populations. Equine Nutrition can be taken as an singe course or as a core or elective course in the Diploma in Equine Studies, Equine Science Certificate and Equine Welfare Certificate.

Back to Course Description Page. My Dissertation which I wrote about "Whorls & Equine Behavior" in March was my first. I was invited to present my Research Article In May at the 6th Alltech-Hartpury Student Conference.

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The Noriker horse, also called the Norico-Pinzgauer and historically known as the Pinzgauer horse, is a moderately heavy Austrian draught horse breed. The Noriker is considered indigenous to the central Alpine region of Europe, and is believed to have originated around the highest mountain of Austria, the abrasiverock.com region was once known as the Roman province of Noricum.

Equine Nutrition

Horses eat many different foods, like grass and fruit. Horses need to maintain a balanced diet in order to be healthy and have energy.

In this lesson, you will learn all about what horses eat.

Equine nutrition dissertation
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