My best friend and loyal companion

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Best Dog Breeds for Assisted Living

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When Chuck, my friend, and I set out to gather stories of pet lovers who had lost their best friends, I never expected the outpouring of sharing. I posted a request in a few blogs and asked for stories about pet loss and the stories, photos, poems, quotes and letters started pouring in.

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Of course my best friend laughed, and I admit I was a bit offended, then she told me to explain myself.

Great. It’s not bad enough that I had to pick what breed of dog I would be under such hostile circumstances but now I have to explain my choice. Tinnitus Sufferer Says: ‘My Dog Saved My Life’ "My son James describes Kelly as the new set of ears I had dreamed of having. Kelly is my best friend.

She is a loyal and devoted companion. She shares everyday with me and keeps me safe even when I am asleep. Life is an adventure now; so much time has been lost and so much more to achieve.

My best friend and loyal companion
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