Numbering appendices dissertation

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Appendices may precede or follow the reference list. Every university has different guidance as to how they require appendices to be formatted, so you should check with your learning institution before deciding on the final format for the appendices to your dissertation.

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Numbering Appendices In Dissertation. An appendix to a dissertationAnother option is to put the appendices in a separate document that is delivered with your dissertation. Appendices (with titles and page numbers) should be listed in the table of contents. Checklist: Appendix.

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Thesis and Dissertation Formatting

Formatting Your Dissertation in Word. Number the appendices consecutively with the text of the dissertation. The margins of the appendices must meet the standards for the rest of the dissertation. At the bottom, under Page Numbering, select Start At.

Type in the page number for the first page. You may also restart number for captions in your appendices or other separate areas of your dissertation.

An appendix to a dissertation

You will need to change your outline numbering settings before inserting your captions.

Numbering appendices dissertation
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