Prince philip

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Prince Philip, 97, in high spirits as he takes solo drive near Balmoral

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Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

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Prince Philip Heads to Church With Queen Elizabeth in Rare Public Appearance

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Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh News

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Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

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Prince Philip looks healthy and happy at grandson's wedding following hip operation

They must never seek to use it. Prince Philip was spotted taking a drive solo near Balmoral castle on Duke of Edinburgh, 97, looked focused behind the wheel of his Land Rover as he drove through the Scottish.

Despite concern that Prince Philip’s health might not allow him to attend his grandson Prince Harry’s wedding, the Duke of Edinburgh has arrived at Windsor Castle for the celebration. Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II were photographed at an event on the Windsor Castle grounds. This is the first time the Duke has been seen out in public since his hospitalization.

Update, 10/ It's still unconfirmed if Princess Eugenie's grandfather, Prince Philip, will attend her wedding at Windsor Castle on Friday. The year-old husband of Queen Elizabeth II is. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry aren’t the only royal duo to walk down the aisle this year.

Queen Elizabeth II’s granddaughter, Princess Eugenie, announced her engagement to her longtime beau. Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II were photographed at an event on the Windsor Castle grounds.

This is the first time the Duke has been seen out in public since his hospitalization.

Prince philip
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