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Sibia proofreading and editing services include dissertation, book editing, paper editing, medical editing, scientific editing and more.

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You can also check their site to see if they are hiring freelance editors and proofreaders. Alternative Schedule, Freelance Job Chicago, IL Will work on reviewing advertising production materials, evaluating client deliverables, proofreading creative and mechanical documents, and resolving inaccuracies.

4+ yrs of related experience required. + Copy Editor Jobs in Chicago, IL.

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Quick Apply. proofreading and project management services so project, Ability to train/mentor staff within the editorial unit on copy editing, proofreading and other editing skills.

* IT skills (including WP, databases, graphics packages, Internet, etc.). Our Agency. eWorld Translations is a language translation service based in Chicago and Clearwater, specializing in document and website translation for the Legal, Medical, Business, Financial, Automotive and Oil & Gas industries.

We can help you market your products and services on an international level in Spanish, French, Portuguese. Improving document clarity and impact by performing reviews, editing, standardization, or other changes to material prepared by other writers Key Areas of Responsibility Review published and internal materials to provide editing or proofreading services as requested.

The book series Chicago Guides to Writing, Editing, and Publishing published or distributed by the University of Chicago Press.

Proofreading and editing services chicago il
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