Standard dissertation margins

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Body Format

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Page Layout, Margins and Numbering

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Since the dissertation may be accessed through The University of Georgia’s Library Database, the Graduate School no longer requires publication in Dissertation Abstracts.

Using Microsoft Word for Your Dissertation from the standard Word document. This document is intended to show you the tools to make the necessary modifications.

While we do use some examples from Rackham to demonstrate Using Microsoft Word for Your Dissertation. Policies, Procedures and Documents: Dissertation and Thesis Page 1 of 9 (Revised 9/30/) Committee Composition Prior to advancing from the proposal stage to the thesis or dissertation. Nov 18,  · Steffen deutschbein dissertation defense essay breathless movie analysis essay write an essay win a home speech on conservation of wildlife essays on abortion standard college essay margins vorwort juristische dissertation help research paper on obesity in the workplace.

Dissertation Format Guide Formatting the Doctoral Dissertation Margins • Every page of the dissertation, including all appendices, notes, and bibliography, • Dissertations should have a minimum of a point font though the standard is point font.

• The use of different fonts to set off examples, quotations, tables, and charts. To assure proper binding and for ease of reading, the following margins are required: Left margin: one and one-half inches for all pages.

Right margin: one and one-half inches for all pages, with no intrusion of letters or anything else into the right margin.

Standard dissertation margins
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